Friday, September 7, 2012


I crack up thinking how excited I was for Summer to start. This was the first time in two years that I hadn't just had a baby, and I had big dreams. I dreamt of bonfires at the beach, concerts in the park, the farmers market, and doing all sorts of fun activities with the boys. In public. Where there were other people. Clearly I was not in my right from of mind when I was dreaming up that summer scenario. Truth is, with the boys at completely different stages, and not having any help (i totally get why people hire nanny's now) it's really difficult to take the boys out on my own. When I do it usually ends with me sweating enough to fill an olympic size pool, and just being completely stressed out, thinking I may have lost a child. If I have learned anything this summer, it is that it's ok that we didn't have a bonfire at the beach, that we only made it to one concert in the park, and I haven't visited a single farmers market. Its OK. Its OK! This is life right now. It challenging and I learned that the boys were content going to an indoor play gym, to a friends house, doing a craft at home or simply going out into the backyard for water play. Lets not forget we went camping. Like in a tent. There was that. We actually had a great summer, Nick is always there on the weekend ready to do something with them and during the week we were lucky enough to visit friends. It was enough and they were happy. At the end of summer I was ready for the school year to begin and it took us about a week to get our routine back but its in full swing and everyone seems to be much more content. I love my routine. Even if its the same every day, but I know come June I will be dreaming of bonfires, concerts in the park and the farmers market again ;) 

Here is a little glimpse of an average day. For those of you who have instagram find me under araxi! I try to post something daily and you can see pictures without having to read all my ramblings.


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