Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome Baby Julian

I realize he is a month old now but having a third baby has definitely taken some time to adjust to. We are still adjusting but are happily out of the zombie phase, or at least I think we are. :)

Julian James was born on May 22, 2011 and much to his brothers delight he did not show up on his birthday. Thank you for that Julian. The love for your child is something that really transcends any sort of explanation. Sometimes you can't put it into words and that's sort of how I'm feeling right now when I look around and see three beautiful boys in my home, each individual and uniquely them. I am priviledged to be their mother. I know how lucky I am to have them and when Julian joined us on May 22nd he completed our little family. We didn't know our family wasn't quite complete yet and thought that the two boys we had would be it for us. The universe had other plans and I have to say I like the universes idea for my family much better. Julian definitely has his own personality already and although we spend time trying to figure out who he looks like, or acts like I know that he is him. What a gift.

Thank you all for the text messages, facebook notes, phone calls and even prepared meals and visits. Our family is incredibly lucky to have such wonderful friends and family. xoxo

Side note on the photos before I get angry mail lol Alex has a social life now and was out with a friend when I decided to do this impromptu shoot so photos with all three boys will be coming soon :) 

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