Monday, April 4, 2011

All Laced Up

At this stage in your life the milestones are slower to arrive. There are fewer "major" things happening. Today I took you to get your insoles because you are flatfooted like your mother (sorry about that). We then ventured off to get you some new shoes. You were able to pick out anything you wanted but they had to be with laces. WITH LACES! Til now you have been wearing Vans and I think for the most part because you didnt want to learn to tie your shoe. Not sure why but it seemed like a total nuisance to you and quite frankly I wasn't going to push the issue. Today was different though. Today you asked and we spent some time practicing. Then you spent the rest of the time whining in the back seat how you were NEVER going to be able to get it. That it was too hard. That you hated it. After we came home your dad arrived and asked you to put your shoes on to help him water the garden. I was in the kitchen and heard a "oh my gosh I DID IT!!!" usually when I hear that Im afraid to ask what you did but today you proudly screamed that you tied your shoe. You did it. Its a small milestone but its huge for you. Its another notch in your independence belt and I have to say its both exciting to see and a little bittersweet.


  1. Got a little teary-eyed reading this. You're such an awesome mom. Really.

  2. OMG Congrats to your little man. Thats so cool that he "did it". You are a wonderful mom.