Friday, March 25, 2011

Almost One. Almost.

I'm savoring this last few days of you being under the age of one. I was thinking about how eager I was for your brother to turn one and to make it to that next milestone. I couldn't wait. Now I know better. Ill wait. I dont care if you walk yet. I don't care if you dont talk yet. I want you to be you, in this moment, in this time. Being you means, sucking your thumb and giving us that sweet face and smile. Being you means breaking my Easter dish that I have had for the last 5 years without a scratch. You couldn't help it there was chocolate in it and I don't blame you (peanut butter dove who can resist!). Being you means being unsteady on your feet because you don't walk yet. Being you means laughing and smiling at the simple things. Please don't ever lose that even when you are old and grey.  Being you means you have a mom, dad and brother who love you more than you can imagine, more than can be measured.

I took these two images of you playing on my bed this morning while I was trying to make it and you gave me both of the faces that your dad and I adore so much. Thank you.

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  1. You're gorgeous, my precious Godson!! I love the first photo! Xxxx have a wonderful first birthday!! I hope I get to see you on your 3rd birthday!! I'm saving up, I promise!!