Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Finger Food Adventure

This had all the makings of a Kodak moment. Steffen eating finger foods for the first time. Peas. Glorious fresh peas! I was going to capture this moment of my sweet boy gently picking up the peas one by one, placing them in his mouth, and who knows maybe even asking for a napkin to wipe his mouth when he was done. Then, I would post and share it with family and friends on the blog. This clearly did not go in the direction that I envisioned. You would think this being my second child I would have learned to lower my expectations, but I'm still hopeful for such experiences. Hes clearly not a fan of peas and I think would have much preferred to eat the plate. After all the fuss and me making sure I had my camera to capture this celebrated moment I realized he has already had finger foods. Effin Cheerios, during which I took no pictures. So here you have it. The pea debacle of 2011. Alex actually came in and asked if Steffen and I had a food fight. Nice.